SKU : 60WKS-CE240/12-PB

60WKS-CE240/12-PB drive refurbished CE version


60WKS-CE240/12-PB drive refurbished CE version

60WKS-CE240/12-PB analogue, high-performance servo amplifier

for controlling brushless synchronous servo motors.

The customer print (set up PCB for the motor) is NOT included.

The customer print from the existing drive should be fitted.

It may be available, but please advise the motor make and type if possible.

The 01 ramp option card is also not included, but may be available.

Specification: 3x 172V / 2.0 kVA / 12A continuous.

This drive is compatible with the 60WKS-M240/12-PB.

(22A drive shown in sample photo)

A manual is available if requested.

It has been tested, is fully functional and is in good condition.

Please contact us for further details.

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