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6SM37-M-6000-G-09 servomotor Kollmorgen SEIDEL 85472


6SM37-M-6000-G-09 servomotor 1Nm, 6000rpm, 24V Brake, Kollmorgen SEIDEL 85472

This brushless 6SM37M-6000-G-09 servomotor is a 6 pole, sinusoidally wound motor

made by Kollmorgen Seidel and is fitted with a 24V Brake with resolver.

The motor has a 400V winding making it suitable for use with servo drives providing up to 600Vdc bus voltage.

This motor will, however, operate on 300V DC up to 3000rpm.

The motor is rated at 1.0 Nm holding torque, 0.8 Nm rated torque at 6000rpm and 4.0 Nm peak,

with a torque constant of 0.62Nm/A. Motor inertia is 0.7 kgcm2.

Connections are made via sockets on the motor housing.

Suitable mating connectors are available, as is a user manual.

The motor flange measures 75mm square, with an 11mm shaft (no keyway),

60mm diameter locating spigot and four mounting holes on a 90mm PCD.

This item is used, has been tested and is fully functional.

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