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SKU : DBK6N00700-BR2-000-S40

DBK6N00700-BR2-000-S40 servomotor 7Nm 3,000rpm 400V


DBK6N00700-BR2-000-S40 servomotor 7Nm 3,000rpm 400V

This DBK6N00700-BR2-000-S40 brushless servo motor is a 6 pole,

sinusoidally wound motor made by Danaher Motion and is fitted with a resolver and a 24V brake.

The motor has a 400V winding and is rated at 7Nm holding torque, 3000rpm, 400V, IP64.

Connections are made via sockets on the motor housing.

The mating connectors are included in the price, as is a user manual.

The motor has a 19mm shaft without keyway, 180mm diameter locating spigot

and four mounting holes on a 215mm PCD.

This motor has been used, but has been tested.

Please contact us for further details.

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