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Super Metering Pump Drive Assemblies

Super Metering Pump Drive Assemblies

In addition to the stand-alone pump heads and Fuji-Techno’s own portable units, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions for laboratory and factory based applications. The PDA comprises a HY series pump, mounted on a base plate with the driving elements including a gearbox, servo motor and coupling. The servo drive is typically supplied loose for integration into the local control panel.

The PDA can be supplied with pre-confectioned cable sets and the software commissioning tools for the servo drive.

Supply options

All drive options require a rectified 24Vdc supply for the drive logic. Current rating per drive is ~1Amp.

The following supply options are available for the power stage:

  • Low voltage DC (24-48V), up to HYSA-12
  • Single phase 110…230Vac mains, up to HYSB-20
  • Three phase 230…480Vac mains
Control options

As standard the motor/pump speed can be controlled via an analogue signal 0…10Vdc, the CAN-bus interface, USB and EtherNET (also via the commissioning software) or digital inputs (pre-defined speeds).

Other options include:

  • 0…20mA or 4…20mA via converter ProfiBUS
  • ProfiNET
  • EtherCAT
  • PowerLINK (opt. on SOj)
Decentralised drive options (not suitable for ATEX)

In addition to the separate servo drive module for integration in to a control cabinet, we also offer drives mounted on the motor, up to the HYSA-12 pump size:

  • Low voltage DC, 24-48V
  • Single phase, 230Vac
Environmental options

The pump, motor, gearbox and coupling are all IP54 rated (or higher), making them suitable for exposure to low pressure, non-corrosive, liquids.

If required we can provide increased protection:

  • IP67
  • Washdown rated IP69k
  • ATEX 3G (Zone 2 / 22) and 2G (Zone 1 / 21) compliance
Additional options

We also offer associated components to aid integration of the PDA:

  • 24Vdc power supplies
  • Low inductance cables for increased cable length between motor and drive
  • ATEX terminal boxes
This product is not available to buy online, call 0161 217 7100 to get a quote. We can talk you through all of the available options and get the perfect configurations for you and your application, or you can send us an email.

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