SKU : 6SM100 K-3000-G-J

6SM100 K-3000-G-J servomotor Kollmorgen Seidel 6SM 100


6SM100 K-3000-G-J servomotor Kollmorgen Seidel 6SM 100

This brushless 6SM100 K-3000-G-J-09 servomotor

is a 6 pole, trapezoidally wound motor made by Kollmorgen Seidel

and is fitted with a resolver, 24V brake “G”, shaft seal “J” and keyway “09”.

The motor has a 172V winding making it suitable for use with

servo drives providing up to 240Vdc bus voltage.

The motor is rated at 25.0 Nm, 3000rpm,

with a torque constant of 1.33Nm/A. Motor inertia is 131.5 kgcm2.

Connections are made onto terminals for power connections and connector for the feedback.

The motor flange measures 190mm square, with a 32mm shaft (keywayed),

180mm diameter locating spigot and four mounting holes on a 215mm PCD.

Overall length is 367mm and weight is 32kg.

This item is unused and is fully functional.

Please contact us for further details.

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