Motor Technology
SKU : MKN 48/5-B-x-CB-00-Sxxx

MackNANO miniature servo drive

MackNANO miniature servo drive


  • Universal Servo Drive for motors up to 2500W
  • Two housing styles (A&B) for low and high power requirements
  • Three DC voltage range options, 12…60V, 12…110V and 20…140V
  • Simple commissioning through PC software
  • Fieldbus on-board


  • Sine wave current
  • Brushless servo motor control using encoder, hall sensor or sensor-less
  • DC brushed motor control for actuators and linear motors via encoder, armature, tachometer & sensor-less feedback
  • Braking Circuit (case B)
  • USB port for setup, control and diagnosis
  • 3 digital IN, 2 digital OUT Enable digital IN
  • STO Safe Torque Off (case B)

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